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Colleyville, TX
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It won't be long before your stinky uniform causes everbody downwind to lose their lunch. Not to worry, it can be easily cleaned without damage.


Owen Murtagh of Warrior Sports Inc./Brine Corp. says ...

"By washing lacrosse pads you won’t find yourself compromising the protection. The best way to wash arm and shoulder pads is to either hand soak and gently scrub with cold water and a mild detergent or by placing them in a washing machine on cold cycle and gentle wash with a mild detergent. Always remember to air dry these pads, they are not meant to be put in the dryer.

As for the gloves, DO NOT put these in the washer. Simply wipe the outside with a cold damp cloth until clean. If the palm is soiled you may rinse with cold water, just be sure to let them air dry as well. It’s not a bad idea to stuff them with newspaper or a towel to help absorb the water from the palm and inside of the glove.


Instructions coming soon.