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1) Are there try-outs?

Generally No although the boys Varsity program is intended to be competitive in THSLL D2 and does player selection.

2) How do I see my team schedule?

On the main tabs along the top, click "Teams" and then "Choose a Team". From the left tabs choose "Schedule" or "Calendar" or whatever else you need.

3) How much does it cost to get started?

Other than the team registration fee, every player will be directed to register with US Lacrosse. This fee is $25 for youth and $35 for high school.

For Boys personal equipment, average cost is $350 – $780 total. This is comprised of: stick (head/shaft) $30 - $150, mouth guard $1-10+, NOCSAE approved helmet $100 – $300, arm pads $30 – $130, shoulder pads $35 – $150, gloves $40 – $200, rib pads (recommended for youth) $30 – $60.

For Girls personal equipment, average cost is $115 – $310. This is comprised of: stick (head/shaft) $30 – $150, mouth guard $1-10+, ASTM protective eye wear $30 – $100, gloves (optional) $20 – $35 a pair.

4) How can I get more involved?

We always are in need of coaches, coach assistants, games personnel, logistics and help with club administration. In pretty much all cases we can provide training either directly or through US Lacrosse. Whatever the case, please don't feel that you are not qualified. If you are willing and able, we would be grateful for your help. Contact anyone on the club Contact page.

5) How do I register my sons or daughters?

You are already on our website if you are reading this. On the left, click "Register On-line" and just follow the prompts and guidance. Note that at some point you will be directed to the US Lacrosse website where you will be given the opportunity to renew or get a new membership. Personal information for parents and players will be saved in our database making future registrations much easier with most data pre-populated in the forms for you. When you start for the first time you will get a membership ID (your email address) and a password. Please use this to log in any time you need to update your personal information.

6) Do I need US Lacrosse membership?

Yes. This is required for every player to participate in games or practices.

7) Is there any discount for multiple player families?

Yes. It varies depending on the program. For example, for high school boys the fee is $700 for the first player in a family and $525 for the second player. Contact us regarding your specific situation.

8) When is payment due?

Generally at the time of registration although we understand that special circumstances might be applicable to you. If so, we can usually make arrangements to accommodate. Not withstanding, an active US Lacrosse registration is mandatory to practice or play. Payment of fees or at least a mutually agreed plan will be required in order to play in games and to receive a uniform.

9) What is the refund policy?

We have a No Refund policy for registration fees. We have to make decisions well before the season starts and need player commitments to do so. Extenuating circumstances can be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Contact us.

10) Do coaches have background checks?

Yes. All coaches have an annual background check through NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives).

11) Are coaches US Lacrosse certified?

Some are but not all. We do cover the costs for this training and encourage coaches to do so but it is not mandatory. To see the current national list, please visit: http://www.uslacrosse.org/TopNav2Right/EducationTraining/USLCoachingEducationProgram/CertifiedCoachesList.aspx


12) My child wants to play goalie. Can you help?

This position requires some specialty equipment to even try it out. We understand your reluctance to the expenses not knowing if your son/daughter will continue with it. To help with this, we can loan the prospective goalie a goalie stick, a goalie chest protector and a goalie helmet with throat guard. This will cover the required safety gear that is special to a goalie and would augment his/her standard personal equipment. Assuming the players wants to continue with the position, you will probably want to purchase this equipment more to the players personal preferences.

For Boys these costs are roughly stick $50 – $100, chest protector $50 – $125, goalie gloves $70 – $175, throat guard for standard helmet $15 – $30, pelvic protection/goalie pants $40 - $80, arm pads (optional) $30 – $130, shoulder pads (optional) $35 - $150.

For Girls these costs are roughly stick $50 – $100, chest protector $50 – $125, goalie gloves $70 – $175, throat guard $10 – $20, pelvic protection/goalie pants $40 - $80, shin guards $20 – $50, helmet and straps $100 - $300.