2019-2020 High School Season Registration Costs

Parents and Players,
As we embark on another year of Colleyville Lacrosse, help us build our program by encouraging your players to invite their friends out to early practices and spread the love  of  “the fastest game on two feet.”  

Our registration prices, for the 2019-2020 season, reflects a substantial fee waiver that was agreed upon by the new CLA Board of Directors. The CLA board of directors is dedicated to the principals of CLA's founding mission and believe the investment in Colleyville Lacrosse, our community, our families, and the students we represent, is a worthwhile endeavor.

Early Bird Registration, September 9th-20th, 2019
$725 if registered on or before 9/20/19 and paid in full. 
(10 days after the parents meeting).

$750 if registered by 9/20/19 and paid with no more than 4-5 equal installments ($150 minimum), paid monthly, and completed by 1/1/20.  
Regular Registration, September 21st - October 6th, 2019
$925 if registered on or before 10/10/19 and paid in full.
$950 if registered by 10/10/19 and paid with no more than 4 equal installments, completed by 1/20/20.

Late Registration, October 7th - 31st, 2019
$1125  if registered by 11/1/19 and paid in full.
$1150 if registered by 11/1/19 and paid with no more than 3 equal installments, paid monthly, completed by 1/20/20.

After 11/1/19 - January 10 th, 2020
$1250  To become a registered player for the 2020 Spring season, 50% due at registration, and balance must be paid by 1/20/20.
Registration Closes January 10th, 2020