CLA Mission Statement

 BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE. -Positive Coaching Alliance

Colleyville Lacrosse Association (CLA) was formed in 2001 and became a 501 (c)(3) corporation in May, 2009 for the purpose of promoting the game of lacrosse in a fun, safe and sportsmanlike environment.

CLA was founded on the traditional principles and values known as “Honoring the Game” philosophy and supports the values and views of the Positive Coaching Alliance.  Colleyville Lacrosse Association is dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience while fielding competitive teams at all levels. Our coaches, parents, board of directors, and volunteers are committed to developing each player’s character, while teaching leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, physical and mental endurance. Our goal is to promote athletes who will contribute as active, engaged  members of the team, their family, their school, and their community throughout their lives.

CLA does not discriminate according to race, gender, ethnic, or religious background, and is open to all high school players within Colleyville and the surrounding cities* who abide by the principles, rules, regulations and decisions of CLA. CLA and its Board of Directors, coaches, players, and other representatives, shall be governed by the principles stated in this Mission Statement in all of their actions and decisions.

*Eligible players:  Colleyville Lacrosse Association, following guidelines from the Texas High School Lacrosse Association and the current status of CLA teams within the THSLL league, may accept lacrosse players (beginners or advanced) from the schools districts of Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and North Richland Hills District.